A brief explanation of the 2020 Skystone Competition.

Team Format

For each match, there are two teams competing against two teams in an alliance format, both alliance and competitors are randomly selected at the beginning of the tournament day. The two teams are identified as a “Red” and “Blue” alliance.


At the start of each match, there is a 30 second autonomous portion during which, the robots perform specific tasks according to their previously loaded programs. Drivers are not allowed to touch controllers or any electronic equipment during the autonomous portion, or they will be penalized. Some robots will be programmed to move the foundation (large rectangle) into their corner. Other robots will try to pick up blocks and deliver them across to the other side of the field. There are two special blocks for each team called “Skystones” which are worth bonus points if they can be delivered across the field. At the end of the autonomous portion, additional points are awarded if the robots can park on top of the center-line. There are a lot of points available during the autonomous period and teams with strong programming skills, have a significant advantage.

Tele-op or Driver Control

Upon completion of the 30 second autonomous, the drivers will then pick up their controllers and begin driving their robots. The goal for the next 90 seconds is to stack as many blocks as possible on the foundations, building the highest tower. The higher the tower, the more points. Teams with fast robots and the ability to stack have an advantage during this portion.

End Game

The last 30 seconds of the competition is call the End Game. At this time, teams will try to place a “cap stone” on top of their tower. Teams will then attempt to move the foundation away from the corner as carefully as they can, to avoid knocking over their tower. Once the tower has been moved from the corner, the teams will then attempt to park their robot, or any portion of their robot, inside the corner area. During end game there are a lot of bonus points available for the completion of these tasks.