Our 3-D printers and more importantly our volunteers need a break! A very well deserved break.

What began as a simple idea, grew into a great story of dedicated volunteerism, corporate partnership and a determination to support our front line workers in way that was unique and a great fit for our members and our friends.

The Alberta region is entering Phase 2 of the Covid-19 recovery plan. Given that the requests for the ear savers have significantly declined and many of our volunteers are being recalled back to their places of employment, we have decided to halt production of the ear savers.

We are very grateful to all the volunteers who pushed their hobby grade 3-D printers into commercial service and printed non-stop for weeks, our “runners” who delivered supplies, picked up and delivered ear savers all over the region and of course our sponsor Dow Canada, who provided us with the financial support we needed. You all made this possible!

I am fortunate and thankful that I was able to personally make several deliveries of the ear savers to the Hero’s on the Front Lines. It was humbling to receive the very genuine heart felt appreciation for these donations and there are no words for me to express to our volunteers, how much your efforts are making a difference.

Dean Kennedy