What started out as a request to our team for ideas or suggestions for helping our community during this pandemic, has now grown into full time production of supplies to help our front line workers.

When we began back on March 28th, we and a few friends had four 3-D printers that we quickly put to work producing hand sanitizer bottle holders. Then came the request for the ear savers for the front line workers that have to wear surgical masks everyday and all day. The initial request was for 500. We decided to recruit more help. Then the orders kept coming…..

Today, with the help of our robotics friends Helios (FTC-5009), Cyber Flex (FTC-15254), as well as friends and colleagues from the area, we are now coordinating ear saver production from seventeen 3-D printers from across the region. Weekly production has exceeding more than 3000 units and we have supplied over 7000 ear savers to those on the front lines of this pandemic. To top it off, these are being supplied free of charge thanks to the very generous support of Dow Canada who has provided funding for our materials . Thank You!

We continue to get request for ear savers on a daily basis, both locally and from nearby communities, and we are working hard to supply them as quickly as we can.

If you are part of an organization that requires it’s staff to wear masks for the protection of your clients, we are happy to support your efforts by providing you with some ear savers. Please use the contact page to reach us and we will do our best to support you as you help others.

Thank you!

Dean Kennedy

CTV News Edmonton: https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/local-teens-3d-printing-thousands-of-ear-savers-for-health-care-and-front-line-workers-1.4919859